Freshnesh is our forte

----We go By FRESHNESS----

When we say fresh we mean it, we own it. With us, you get freshly sourced milk within a few hours of milking, freshest seasonal produce within 8 hours of
collection from the farms, fresh dairy essentials right on time when it tastes the best. We’re ruthless about serving you the freshest, and here’s a sneak peek
that tells you how we manage to do that.

----Everything we've is FARMCRAFTED----

Either fresh or off the shelf’
That’s our mantra to get to you the crème de la crème.

Living well starts with eating well; That’s why whatever you get on Doodhwala is
certified, made with best quality ingredients and doesn’t pose any harm to your health.
Our quality standards make sure your choose the best.

---- It’s a clear “NO” to storage ----

As we believe it’s not fresh if it's refrigerated.

We procure your packages fresh everyday, direct from the vendors. No middleman, no
delay, only the freshest finds its way to your delivery bags. We ensure your next day’s
delivery is still at some farms today. We source it. We check it. We deliver it. Nothing
else in between.

---- Convenience of CHOICE----
(abstract 70+ milk variety - graphic)

We offer you the rights to choose the right for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re lactose intolerant, or desi cow milk lover, or simply a milk
lover. Maybe you’re looking to manage weight, or maybe you want to gain weight.
That’s fine. We pride ourselves with the largest selection of dairy & dairy products.

---- Simply SUBSCRIBE----

Need potato & bread every alternate day, & milk daily? Just Subscribe! Any product,
any combination, we will have deliveries made just when you want it. Choose what you
like, plan your delivery schedule and you're sorted. Money will get deducted from your
wallet after each delivery.

---- 5 -7:30 AM Delivery----

No point in getting you the fresh deliverables, if delivery gets it delayed, items you
receive won’t be fresh anymore. Our fleet of delivery executives are
heroic - they are always on time, making sure you start your day on a fresh note.

----Free Delivery at MRP or less ----

Heard the saying, ‘nothing comes free’? It’s wrong.

At Doodhwala, your favorites come to you right at MRP, without an extra penny. Even if
you buy a lemon or a single pack of milk, delivery is always free for you.


You Made the Right Choice. Now, get ready FRESH everyday.

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Mukesh is Front-End developer & Market Manager.


Divya Suman is a Web Developer and Designer in this project.


Sominto is Front-End developer & Project Manager.


Rahul is Database designer & Backend support.

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